The Course

Suwannee Country Club Golf Course

Hole One

Your tee shot needs to be a little left to avoid pine trees and bunker cutting into fairway on right. Very small green, avoid bunker front right, middle of green good idea for second shot.

Hole Two

Unique downhill, then uphill par 4. Use a half club more on second shot to avoid bunker that guards the entire front of green.

Hole Three

On the front 9, the hole plays as a par 5 at 505 yards. On the back 9, it is an extremely difficult par 4 playing at 430 yards. It is straight and long with trouble right and over the two-tierd green. A good chance to pick up a shot on the front 9 but par is a great score on the back side.

Hole Four

This 90 degree dogleg plays as a 418 yard par 4 on the front 9 and on the back 9 it plays as a 490 yard par 5. The approach shots are made difficult by a depression in front of the green that takes balls falling short to the right usually finding a bunker or higher grass.

Hole Five

A short but difficult par 3 of 135-145 yards.  A two-tiered green that slopes towards the lake on the right side makes putting a challenge once on the putting surface.

Hole Six

An uphill par 4, this hole normally plays slightly longer than you think. A tight tee shot with pine trees on both sides of the fairway dictate an accurate well placed tee shot. Favor the left side of the fairway as a huge oak tree seems to catch many balls missed on the right side. A front pin is difficult as bunkers left and right front the kidney shaped green.

Hole Seven

A downhill par 5 gives the golfer a little breathing room but the fact that hitting from a downhill lie is not easy doesn’t help matters any. Most players lay up 50 yards short so the steep hills, higher cut rough won’t hinder the third shot. The green is narrow running pretty deep front-back so on a back pin placement, play for more yards than you are thinking.

Hole Eight

Beautiful White Lake sits just to the right of the long par 3 tee giving the golfer a gorgeous view of the uphill hole and its surroundings. Trust your yardage here but add at least a half club due to the elevation. When the wind blows towards the lake add a club and a half. A mid iron shot is required and you must stay left. A large bunker is off to the right not seen from the tee so aim left and if your ball kicks right like it normally does you are looking at a birdie putt on a difficult green to putt.

Hole Nine

This signature hole is like no other ANYWHERE! It is a par 4 only measuring 330 yards but dangers lurk everywhere on the tee shot, approach shot, and the extremely difficult two-tiered sloping from back to front green. My advice here is to take one less club on your second shot and even if you come up a little short, you are left with a pretty easy chip, and easy putt. Putting or chipping from the back green is extremely difficult.

Suwannee Country Club

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