Happy New Year to everyone! I sincerely hope that 2020 is your best year yet, and that you and your family’s health are equal to or better than it is now. At our club, I am also hoping for big things. Great weather to play a lot of golf, addition of many new members, continued steps on the course to go to the next level, and the continuation of the fantastic support that all of our members have shown throughout 2019.

This past year at our club was one of our best! We accomplished many things on and off the course. This month on January 20, we are having our annual board meeting at 6:00 PM. I will do a review of our year, and also go over some new and exciting things coming up in 2020. I cannot stress enough the importance of coming out to the meeting on that Monday night. This is where the Senior members can vote on new board members and anything else we need to vote on. Also, meeting other members that you may not no, seeing old friends you may not have seen in sometime, hearing about what has been going on at “your club”, and just general socializing with everyone starting off 2020 on a great note! PLEASE join myself, Don, and the entire board for a night of eating, voting, talking, and learning about the past and future of Suwannee Country Club.

I have decided to start 2020 off on a new note with a new event. During the month of January, signups are going on in the Pro shop for the first annual Match Play Club Championship! You will need to be signed up by the end of the month to be able to get in. Starting February 1, we will begin individual, full handicap, 18 hole match play competition. You will have 2 weeks to get your match in with your opponent, with the winner advancing to the next round. Unfortunately, the loser will be eliminated. We will continue every 2 weeks with the new matches until we have the remaining last 2 players. At this point, the final match will be scheduled, and I will let everyone know when it will be, and hopefully we can get a crowd of people to cheer the players on. I feel like this could end up being a really nice event, so please get signed up as soon as you can to kick off 2020 on a fantastic note!

Finally, the emailing of the statements and newsletters seem to be going well. If you are having any type of issues, please stop by and see me. Also, if we could get your dues on auto-draft, that would really help us out too. Thanks again, and may your New Year be the best one yet!


Another year has come and gone, my staff and I are really looking forward to the New Year to continue taking your course to the next level.  We want to thank you for all your continued support while we strive to make your course better on a daily basis.  As you all can appreciate the increase speed of the greens, you can thank “Mother Nature” for helping out in the increase.  Enjoy it for the next few months for spring time is right around the bend and they will slow down.
Our goal is to provide you with the best possible playing conditions and for you to enjoy playing your course.   I want to ask all of you to do a few things that will help your course improve on a daily basis.  One, please fill your divots and maybe one or two more.  Two, when you hit the green, please fix your ballmarks.  Three, if you play out of the bunkers, please rake it so the next person or maybe yourself, doesn’t have to play out of an unraked bunker.  We have provided rakes at all the bunkers so please feel free to use them. The last thing, I know everyone dislikes the rope situation, I don’t like them either.  Unfortunately, they are a necessary evil.  The proof is there.  Without those ropes, you may not have the grass you have around the green sides.
Enough of that.  I personally want to thank each and every one for their support.  Without all of you, we would not have this opportunity to take care of this course.



Date:    Monday, Jan. 20      Time: 6:00 PM

Invited: All classifications of members

Senior members only can vote

Food:    We will eat at 6:00 PM. Meeting to follow

First Annual Match Play Club Championship

Date:    Signups throughout January

Feb. 1:  First matches begin. Two weeks to complete

Format: Individual match play, full handicap

Tees:    Age dictates where you play from

Cost:    $20.00/member

Jimmy Prevatt, President            Bob Budwick, General Manager/Pro           Don Branske, Superintendent