I wish I could be talking about some cooler temperatures, but unfortunately I feel that Summer is already here! The past few weeks it has been very warm, with the high coming close to and hitting 100 degrees almost every day. This is bad enough, but couple that with the lack of rainfall, it certainly has been a tough few weeks. On a good note, the golf course continues to be in good condition, and Don and the crew are working hard to keep it that way. We are staying fairly busy in the mornings, but once the heat hits, it really slows down. Let’s hope for a bit of the break with the heat, and also for some much needed rain!

On a different front, last month’s newsletter I talked about switching over to direct draft for dues. Less than 5 of you have responded with voided checks. PLEASE come and see me on this. I really would like for our entire membership to go to this way of paying dues. It will save a ton of time and be a lot more cost effective. We are trying very hard to move forward with many things, so please bring me in a voided check so we can accomplish this goal. THANK YOU!

My Tuesday night scrambles are going very well this year. We are averaging between 22-28 players each night, which is certainly much better than last year. The “Our Gang“ Tuesday/Thursday morning scrambles are now starting at 8:30 AM to try to beat some of that heat. Please come out and support this group as well. The Ladies League is playing Monday nights at 5:00 PM, as well as Wednesday mornings at 10:30. Come out and enjoy 9 holes with these lovely women.



Friday, July 12 – 5:30-8:00 PM Pairings party meet and greet

Saturday, July 13 – 3 person scramble, A-B-C players

Time: 9:00 AM shotgun start

Cost: $50.00/player

Contact: Ted Johnson – 249-1806

Esther Bass –  364-2502


Friday, July 26 – 2 person shootout, start time 5:00 PM

Saturday, July27 – First round begins at 8:00 AM

Sunday, July 28 – Final round begins at 8:00 AM

Format:  Two-person best ball, 6 stroke max difference in handicaps, flighted

Cost:      Members $100.00

Non – Members $125.00

Food and drinks will be served both days

Contact: Bob Budwick – 362-1147 or email


From what everyone is telling us, the golf course is in great shape.  We want to thank each and everyone one for all your great compliments.  We will continue to provide you with the best possible playing conditions we are able to present to you.

The temps are rising on a daily basis and the grass around the course is doing the same.  I’m sure you have noticed that we have been top dressing some of the areas on number 4 and 6 fairways to assist in growing in those thin areas.  We will continue to do so, so you can have grass in all places in which to hit your golf ball from.  Number 2, 4 and 9 have never looked so good.  We will be fertilizing all the fairways again here in the near future.
The greens, they speak for themselves.  We continue to spray them with a fungicide preventative and lightly fertilize them along with the fungicide.  We will be closed on the 10th of June so we can aerify them with small holes, you’ll still be able to play on them the day after. The holes should not be a problem for very long.  Top dressing and fertilizer will follow the following days.

Once again, thank you for your great compliments.


We are welcoming 2 new members that joined our family last month. THANK YOU Fred Howell and Alen Michael Gibson. If you need anything at all while you are here, please do not hesitate to ask. Enjoy your time here at SCC!


In last month’s newsletter I asked everyone about going to drafting of dues every month. I have had about 5 or so of you have agreed to let us do the dues this way. First of all, THANK YOU to those who gave me a voided check, as we will start next month direct drafting your dues. If the remainder of all of you could please see me about this, I really would appreciate it. This will help save money and time, and it is the way we would like to go. PLEASE come see me with a voided check so we can arrange this new way of taking care of your dues each month. When you do this, you will receive $20.00 worth of Bob Bucks in the Pro shop to be used for anything you would like. THANK YOU for cooperating in this matter!


Monday – Ladies league – 5:00 PM

Tuesday – Our Gang over 55 18 hole scramble – 9:00 AM

Bob’s – 3-person 9 hole scramble – 5:00 PM

Wednesday – Ladies league – 10:30 AM

Thursday – Our Gang over 55 18 scramble – 9:00 AM

Jimmy Prevatt, President

Bob Budwick, General Manager/Pro

Don Branske, Superintendent