Once again, THANK YOU for supporting Suwannee Country Club during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have lost only a few members (they’re practicing social distancing and we hope to see them back), but have also gained a few during this period (the perfect stress reliever). We are very fortunate compared to many other places, and will continue proceeding like we have done during the past few months.

 We are looking into a few projects that we would like to get done on the golf course, so you may see some activity regarding these in the near future. We have come a long way in the last 5 years, and are moving forward to do even better in the next 5 years. With your support, we can reach our goals.

 I would like to add a huge THANK YOU to Lynn Hagen and her husband Bob Gentry, Julia Johnson, and the Ladies association for their extremely hard work ( and creativity! ), in transforming our old banquet room into a beautiful facility!

They worked countless hours in doing this and our club is grateful to them. If you have not checked it out recently, take a peek in there…..you will be very surprised!

 Also, former longtime member Wally Bowden gets some big thanks for his donations of a beautiful Augusta National artwork, a very old Scottish putter ( wooden shaft !), and we are so pleased to have them at SCC. THANK YOU WALLY !

 Stay tuned to your emails, our website-www.suwanneecc.com, and Suwannee Country Club Facebook for all the latest news at SCC.

 Be safe and enjoy your June !

 Bob Budwick    General Manager/Pro