Happy “early” Thanksgiving to everyone!! I sure have a lot to be THANKFUL for, and I am sure all of you as well. We will be open on Thanksgiving, with tentative hours of 8-4, depending on the weather.  We have a few things going on at the club this month, with the biggest one being the men’s Club Championship. Last year’s winners, Don Branske, Dawson Wooley, and George Dempsey will all be around to try to defend their titles. This is a very competitive medal play event, and this year should be hotly contested like 2018 was. We will have doughnuts, bananas, and juice both mornings for you to enjoy before going out at 8:30 AM. PLEASE be here on time, which means a minimum of a half hour before you tee off. Also, if you could, please pay the $60.00 entry fee to me in the pro shop in the next few weeks before the tournament. Thanks. Also this month the weekend on Nov. 16, the ROTC will be holding their second annual scramble event. Sign your 3-person team up in the pro shop as soon as you can.

Due to daylight savings time change, the new hours in the pro shop will be 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM.


Starting next month, December, we will be emailing the monthly statements and newsletters out. If you have not provided us with your email, please do so as soon as possible.  We realize there are a few of you that do not have a computer or an email address, and a few who still need to have statements mailed. This is ok, and we can work with you, but the majority of our membership is ok going to this new, money saving system.  It is time for us to advance in all aspects of our operation into the 21st Century. The newsletter is also available every month on our new website, I hope most of you have already checked this out, but if you haven’t, go there and see what’s up at your club!


If you have not been behind the pro shop recently, you would not have noticed that our old, huge, ice machine is no longer there. This dinosaur finally has made its last batch of ice. We have spent a ton of money during the last 10 years to try to keep this running, but not any longer. We purchased a brand new, smaller machine that we are keeping in the kitchen. Thanks to John Coleman, Brad Seaman, Charles Bean, and Rod Webber we were able to buy a new one. If you have a small cooler when you come to play, inform pro shop personnel, and then you may go into kitchen and grab a gallon bag of ice in freezer to keep drinks cold. No large coolers may be filled from this ice machine. This is a “member only” benefit.  However, if guests purchase drinks in the pro shop, we will provide them with a small cooler and a bag of ice also. I really feel this will work out great, as it has already been well received by everyone.


First, thank you all for your continued support and wonderful compliments on the condition of your course.  Like I have mentioned before, without all of you, it would not be possible for us to continue to provide you with the best possible conditions we could present to you.
Temperatures are starting to change along with the change of time.  You may have noticed a little change in the speed of our greens.  Remember that with this grass on our greens during this time of year; they will speed up a little bit.  In mowing this, this year we raised the height of cut earlier than in the past to promote more leaf blade and to hopefully slow the greens down during the middle of winter, December through March.
We have started pre-emerging greens (a week ago), green surrounds, fairways and rough this week.  Should have it all completed by Friday.  This is to prevent poanna from coming up.  We have been very fortunate not to have any in our playable areas of the course. We are looking forward to a poanna free golf course this winter.
Lastly, most all of you notice that we have been watering the course during the day up until 11:45am.  Due to FPLs Peak/Non-Peak schedule for watering, it’s imperative to water when we do so we can save on the electric bill.  For the next few months it will be very difficult watering the course and not bother all of you while playing.  Thank you for your understanding during this process.  We will do our very best not to interfere with your playing golf.


Congratulations to member Jim Humbles for his hole in one on hole number 5. Jim was playing on Monday, October 28, with playing partners Art Shelden, Bobbie Lake, and RD Santerfeit when he holed this great shot for his second ever hole in one. Nice going Jim!!    


2019 Men’s Club Championship

Dates-  Saturday, Nov. 9- First round

Sunday, Nov. 10- Final round

Format-Individual medal play, flighted

Time-    Both days 8:30 AM shotgun start

Cost-    $60.00


Date-    Saturday, Nov. 16 Time- 9:00 AM Shotgun start

Format-3-person scramble

Cost-     $50.00/player

Contact for both tournaments – Bob in Pro Shop

 Jimmy Prevatt, President

 Bob Budwick, General Manager/Pro

                  Don Branske, Superintendent