COVID-19 virus attacks the World and BAM!, now you can’t even go inside the clubhouse and verbally joust with your friendly club Pro, Bob Budwick like you’ve always been able to.  He’s still there but now he’s forced to hunker down in a fortress protected by a plastic shield that he has to talk through to greet you and help you get cart-ready for a round at North Florida’s premiere 9 hole golf course.  It doesn’t feel the same but for now, it’s the New Normal!  The virus has changed the behavior of all of us.  In my weekly rounds, I’ve noticed items being added to the golfing apparel of some players like wearing a mask to protect themselves.  I heard that one player has adopted wearing two golf gloves so both hands are protected from having to touch anything.  I wonder if he’ll tell us if it has improved his game?  If you’re a regular player like me, you’ve gotten used to the new inverted cup that holds the flagstick (Great idea Don!).  It does make it easier to retrieve your ball but the it increases the odds that your ball will bounce back on the green instead of into the cup if you have too much speed on your putt.  I miss not having a rake to smooth the bunkers (for those of us blessed with the gift of hitting the beach whenever we see sand) but players like me are learning new ways to get out of hard rain-packed earth mixed with tall sprouting weeds when we hit in there.  While I prefer to walk the course, for those of you that love to ride, Bob and team continue to sanitize the carts everyday so there is no excuse to miss a round when you’re ready to play.  And Don and his team are keeping the course cut and fertilized so it’ll continue to be a worthy opponent for the average golfer even on your best day.  Hope to see you out there.  Don’t wait too long or we’ll start to treat you like a visitor and ask you if you’re new to Suwannee County.  Beat the Virus….Play your Best Game Today!